Love is the Resource of Life

August 17, 2006

Too much parties last week… four nites from Wednesday till Sunday morning… aaarhh way toooo tired…

Nice red wine party on the past Wed, was glad to meet those ec friends, ta for the attentions, and the wine. Joined Eric for the beer afterwards, wat a scene of someone puking while on his way to the cab, EWW!!

Farewell party for my “mummy” on past Thurs. Im sooo sorry your leaving mummy, I feel so bad dat everyones leaving me… you, my bro, and my fren, everyone… Mummy, your the first I know in the place and your now the first to leave, I miss you so much and Ill never forget the times we shared, the tears and laffters we had. And I know Ill be seeing you soon in our clubbins and parties well ahead eh? heheee, lets go gropin dar!!

Had Eric for another beer nite on Fri, ta for holding my hand, wonder if you could hold it longer, and tata for the “thought” of sendin me home, sometimes a thought is good enuf. not to forget your call to ensure my safety late at night, dats sooo sweet of you.

Crazy crazy Saturday nite. Fine dining in CWB, then joined Eugene and Nick and others for a couple glasses o’white wine and tiramisu martini in JJ’s Club in Grand Hyatt Wan Chai, then went to The Carvern in LKF to meet another bunch of gals for some whiskey, and then to Homebase in Hollywood Road with Vera and Yvonne and others for several cups of gin tonics… not going home till we’ve finished a delightful breakfast with black eyes… gosh…

Off tangent, why do men love boobies?? On our way to Homebase, we met an Aussie with his lady. He asked the boi next to me if I am his gal, the boi said no, then he wondered, “why not!? she’s very nice!”, and his fooking eyes were juz starring at my boobies, and i was like, “fook off asshole!”. Gawd!!

back to the nite.

Abit depressed after the parties, we had a loooong gals talk on Sat nite, it was so pathetic to hear all those sad love stories… gals got dumped with those fooking emails, confessed with “I started dating someone else”, WTF! Men are craps but I need them sadly…

Tired of hearing “you deserve better” and shites like that, everyone was there telling me “you deserve better” and “you are a good gal but your exs are creeps”, blah blah blah… Im sick of it, wat does “you deserve better” mean? And the truth is Im still alone, so? There are guys courting on me but it doesnt mean a thing! The point is I dun like those like me, and the man I like simply doesnt like me, dats it.

You know, sometimes gals are juz lookin for a shoulder to lean on and a lovin hug, dats not much we are seeking for, so wat makes it so hard to get? Got tired of parties sometimes, I dont think Im lookin for relationships started in a pub, I dunno wat am I doin down there not flirtin with hunks tho, maybe a shag will do…

Anyway, I need Love. 

Love is the resource of life.


here i am

August 7, 2006

yea… here i am. after looking around different weblog sites, i finly stopped myself here. been introduced this site by someone… special. and this time i do hope i will dig in it, heheee. so welcome to my blog my frens, please pay visits as often as you can. 🙂 i hope you’d love my blog.